Eighty percent of people who have opened their own businesses and failed should probably have read the following:


  1. Don’t open your business just to make money!

Strange as it may seem, most businesses fail because the goal was to make money instead of taking a skill or talent or something you are passionate about and building your business around it. Success is the reward for giving your clients the best salon experience each and every time they come to your salon.


  1. Do proper research and planning!

In business circles there is a very good reason why they say “Fail to plan and you plan to fail!”. To avoid failure, you need to do a business plan. In simple terms this just means:

  • Find the right location, consider the type of client you want to attract.
  • Finance the cost of opening the salon including 3-6 months working capital
  • Staff and sales planning – how many staff do you need, what are you going to charge for your service, which products will appeal to your target market
  • What products are you going to use and recommend and how much are you going to charge, – being over-priced or under-priced will influence the success of your business.
  • Which business system are you going to use to stay in contact with your clients.


  1. Create a success culture!

In simple terms business goes where it’s invited, stays where it’s wanted and grows where it’s cared for. If you employ staff that understand the vision that you have for your business  the easier it will be to empower your team with a success culture.


  1. Turnover is not profit!

Don’t live out of the till. You are only entitled to the money left over after you have your creditors. Turnover is not profit!


  1. Start right, stay right!

That means keepings records about your business. Up till now that means paperwork and we know that after a hard day running your business the last thing you want is to spend hours on figures. Up till now business software is normally used when you run a medium to large business, fortunately, My Salon Software has created a stripped-down version of its successful software programme. Called ‘MS Entrepreneur – software that thinks it’s an APP’. This versatile and simple to use system can be used on a tablet or smart phone, as well as a normal PC from anywhere. Make appointments on the go, order products from you supplier or sms a promotion to your clients, from anywhere at any time – it’s as easy as that.