Come back from lockdown with a better and stronger business model.

Yes, that’s right.

If there is one thing the lockdown has taught us it’s how much we value our business. And necessity being the mother of invention there is a real opportunity to re-open with a better and stronger business model.

Hair and beauty are firmly rooted in the service industry which traditionally require clients to visit our salons. So, at times when it is not convenient or, as we have seen over the past few weeks, clients are not able to come to the salon,  we have “to take the salon to them”.

That is why MySalon has introduced ‘e-shop’ to its clients.

The concept is by no means new and is already responsible for a phenomenal amount of retail sales across the world.

The concept is simple.

Most salons have a simple web-site, if not, we will help you to create one.

If your current website is written in wordpess this is fairly simple to do. If not, we can create a sub-domain of your existing website using wordpress. If you do not have a functional or effective website we can create one from scratch but that is optional.

The salon Client visits your web-site and shops on your e-shop, adding items to their ‘basket’.  Once they have finished shopping it will produce a summary of the order with the order total.

Client then ‘sends’ the order to the salon’s email address. On receipt of the order the salon creates a pro-forma invoice on My Salon Software and emails that to the client for confirmation and a request for payment. On receipt of payment the pro-forma invoice is converted to a tax invoice, the products are picked, packed and sent to the client using one of the numerous delivery options available. Alternatively clients can collect from the salon.

Opportunities and benefits:

For clients: –

  • The convenience of shopping on-line with delivery to their home or place of work. If clients are not able to come to the salon then “take the salon to them”.
  • In addition to the e-shop clients are also able to make appointment requests which are forwarded to the salon’s email address for action

For salons: –

  • the opportunity to tap into hair and skin care market where products are not currently being purchased when clients are actually in the salon.
  • An additional income stream for salons so they are not totally (75-90%) dependant on services turnover which require clients to be in the salon.
  • An additional service to strengthen the salon’s existing brand values.
  • An ideal marketing opportunity to send regular newsletters, products releases as well as incentives for clients to request service appointments via the salon’s website.

The Way forward:

My Salon Software  has the software that can provide salons and spas with e-commerce as well as their everyday salon/spa operations.

My Salon Software also has the resources and experience in setting up web-sites with e-commerce as well as client appointment requests from the salon’s website to its email address.

In order to survive you need to adapt to changes in the market, or die.