Every year salons face the same uphill struggle to grow their businesses.

Among other things, many salons think that they just need to attract new clients. Yes you do! But what about the clients that have already visited your salon in the past but no longer come to you?

Every business loses clients and most of them have either had a bad experience or are no longer made to feel special.

It is a lot easier to hold on  to existing clients and to then up-sell them to other products and services than it is the get new clients into the salon. If you are successful in retaining your clients THEY will be the best source of new clients via word-of-mouth advertising.

There is no better way to make loyal clients special than by recognising their value to your business and rewarding them for that loyalty.

And the best way to achieve this is by offering a dynamic loyalty programme. It has been proven that clients remain loyal longer when they ‘belong’ to a loyalty programme and automatically refer more new business as a result.

Please check out our current Client Loyalty Card promotion and see what a difference this can make to your business.

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