In all our years’ experience in the hair and beauty industry we have learned that success means different things to different people. What we have also learned is that sustainable success i.e. a business that continues to grow year after year, relies on very simple formula. As simple as this formula is, it requires a high level of discipline and consistency. The formula is…

“Business goes where it is invited, it stays where it is wanted and it grows where it’s pampered”

There are numerous ways to get clients into your salon. Promotions, in fact any exposure to your target market will result in new business however, the most effective way is to make the salon experience so memorable the client looks forward to the next appointment.

Business cannot be successful unless it has a success culture. This can be best defined by the atmosphere or energy within the salon. An atmosphere where staff leave all their personal problems outside the salon and enter the salon with only one focus ‘what more can I do to make the business more successful?’

The salon atmosphere is made up a number of factors – lighting, décor, music etc, however the greatest contributor to the atmosphere in the salon is the energy brought into the salon by a dedicated team of experts whose single goal is to give each and every client the best salon experience ever!

Theoretically an empty salon is devoid of energy until the first team member arrives and brings their energy into the salon. That energy can be likened to a flame which, on its own, will cast a limited amount of light into the salon. As the rest of the team arrives they bring their own energy into the salon and collectively this energy creates a positive salon atmosphere which is the single most important ingredient of a successful salon culture.

A team can also be likened to an orchestra, some have major roles to play and others not however the overall experience is the result of everybody playing their part.

The salon can also be likened to a field in which business seeds planted are expected to grow. No matter how many seeds are planted unless each seed is loved, cherished and nurtured business will not grow.

This simple formula for success will fail hopelessly if you are not consistent and disciplined in its application.