For centuries people have strived to understand how to become happier, wealthier and generally more successful in the things they do. Of all the disciplines that form the foundation of success, none plays a more important role than Philosophy.

Philosophy leads to a better understanding of the what’s, why’s and how’s of life. Simply stated, an action causes a reaction which in turn leads to a result.

It is no secret that we are in business to make money (the result) , however, the size of the result (profit) depends on a better understanding of three things – what it is we want to achieve, why we want to achieve this result and how we should go about achieving the result.

Most people understand the ‘what’ part of the equation. What do we want to achieve – these may fall into material, emotional, spiritual and intellectual results – all necessary to lead a fulfilling life?

The ‘why’ part of the equation is also easy to understand. It makes sense to live a healthy lifestyle, be successful at work and enjoy successful relationships with family, friends, work colleagues and oneself.

My Salon Software addresses the ‘What’ by creating a business system that correlates all day to day activities into Business Intelligence.  The ‘Why’ is because if you don’t have business intelligence you are doing business in the dark. The ‘How’ is the key to success.

Using the what, why, philosophy is the best way to keep staff focussed, motivated and productive. We’ve all been to seminars, and attended courses that address the what’s and the why’s but very seldom provide the how’s.

During 2022  we plan to change that and all our monthly blogs will focus on the HOW. For example – how can I see if I am overspending on stock or, how can I better manage my greatest asset, my client database or, how can I motivate staff to become better achievers. These will be included in our 2022 Blog Series

In 2021 we gave you “Business Insight”. In 2022 we will show you how to  “Turn Ideas into Action”.

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