Building A Loyal Clientele is Your Success

Client loyalty doesn’t come with just good work skills or cheap prices, in fact, you don’t own a client’s loyalty, you have to earn it day after day!

It really starts with caring about each client’s salon experience.

“Clients start to care about what you know, when they know how much you care”.

Here are a few ideas that will assist you in building a healthy and loyal customer data base:

1. Know your clients

Not just “Hi Val, my name is Terry”. Get to know everything you can – where they work, their home-life and social environment.

Using the Client Profile card, capture all their personal details, i.e. correct spelling of their first name and last name, cell number and email address, gender and birthday, occupation, preferred staff member, and any other personal preferences the clients may have. Try to keep these updated each visit, particularly changes happening in their lives that might or might not affect the type of services you provide.

That social connection means so much to clients.

The My Salon Software Team

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