People go to hair and beauty salons for a multitude of reasons – everything from tidying up the ‘barnet fair’  to getting their latest chemical fix.  And because there are so many reasons, there is never a problem getting clients to come in to the salon.

What happens when they are in the salon is what our business is all about.

Fact 1 – Hair and beauty professionals are industry experts.

Fact 2 – Every client has problems, needs and desires for which they need the advice of an expert.

Fact 3 – the biggest single obstacle to super-success is when you do not market your expertise.

And we are really only talking about four areas of expertise which, if you get them right, will guarantee you a busy appointment book.

Hospitality – If clients are welcome in your salon they will know by the level of hospitality they receive. Visualise being spoilt in a five star hotel and recreate that ambiance in your salon.  Aesthetically pleasing decor, hygiene and cleanliness, quality refreshments and up-to-date magazines go a long way in giving the perception of good service.

Creativity – With so many elements to work with – face shapes, hair texture, personality types etc it is only your imagination and your sense of adventure that will hold you back.  Clients will not allow you to make creative changes until they ‘see’ the vision inside their own heads. So being creative includes being able to paint pictures with words.

Science – Understanding the science of hair and  understanding  the trauma hair goes through on a daily basis from pollution, the environment, chemical products and the use of mechanical devices on the hair is the best way to demonstrate your expertise. The scientific knowledge behind the products and how each is formulated to solve hair problems and to restore the hair’s natural integrity is the expert’s unique advantage. Educate your clients on how to protect their hair from trauma. People buy from experts.

Time – timing is everything in life and understanding the value of time is crucial. During your on-going consultation with each client, an expert recognises buying signals from their clients that tell you whether the timing is right for the client to buy a product of service.

Hospitality, creativity, science and time. Now go and build your business.

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