Most businesses are under-performing.

Not because there is no demand for their services or product. And not because of high rentals, expensive product costs and the lack of motivated staff.

Most businesses fail because they do not have the right approach to business.

Successful businesses work to a simple three-step formula.

  1. Business goes where it is invited

  2. Business stays where it is wanted

  3. Business grows when it is nurtured

There are so many ways of inviting clients to your salon. Rebooking clients for the next appointment before they leave the salon, inviting them to a complimentary service for their birthday, email or sms’ing them on promotions that might appeal to them, and rewarding clients who belong to your Loyalty Programme will both recognise and reward important clients.  These are just a few examples however there are opportunities that come up daily that could become a promotional ‘invitation’ to get clients into your salon. Unfortunately you will miss most of these opportunities unless you know how to look for them.

80% of failed businesses close down for one reason. They could not keep clients coming back because clients did not feel wanted – commonly known as bad service. Of course we want their business but how much do you value that business. And how do you demonstrate that to your clients, consistently, visit after visit? Do your clients have 100% of your attention and are you consistently looking for clients’ problems, needs and desires? Do you know how to find hidden agendas?

You pamper clients when you remember their name and their birthdays and how long they have been coming to you. You pamper them when 90% of the conversation is about them and how you can give them the best hair or skin they can have. You pamper them when you have never-ending suggestions and recommendations for them each and every time they come into the salon. Clients don’t care how much you know until they know how much you care.

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