Every year salons face the same uphill struggle to grow their businesses and this struggle can be attributed mainly to two areas – Identity and Control

Rising costs, demotivated staff, not enough clients, too much month left over at the end of the money – instead of money left over at the end of the month!

Sound familiar? If it does it means you do not really have control of your business!

Businesses do not fail because there is no demand for hair and beauty services. In fact, these services fall into both the Wellness Industry as well as the Anti-Aging Industry and the latest statistics show Anti-Aging to be worth $303.2 billion dollars globally and Wellness a staggering $4.2 trillion dollars. AND THEY ARE GROWING!

Your advertising and promotions, window signage, social media – anything that gets your name out there promotes your identity. But it really doesn’t matter how much business you generate it is not sustainable unless it is under control.

Maybe you have been toying with the idea of taking your business to the next level or are starting a new business and want to do it right the first time. In this email I will explain exactly how My Salon Software will provide 95% of the control factor!

TIME – save and manage time with our digital appointment book. Convert appointments into invoices, look up clients previous buying history and preferences and see the value of your day’s, week’s and month’s bookings – at the ‘click of a button’.

CLIENTS – knowing which clients represent the biggest share of your turnover allows you to identify meaningful clients who have not been back to the salon. The client source options show you exactly where you get new clients and the KPI report (key performance indicators) show you your client retention.

STOCK – we all know that stock is money but do you know if your stock costs are in line with your turnover? The two worst fears are being out of stock or being overstocked. You don’t have to experience either. When used correctly our intelligent stock control system will save you up to 20% of your stock spend and ensure you are never out of stock nor over stocked.

STAFF – salons can survive virtually any crisis when staffed by a team of motivated professionals. Staff are ALWAYS more motivated when they understand the numbers – what are they currently doing that results in their take-home pay and HOW they can improve. KPI reports are a fantastic tool for helping staff set realistic targets and grow business, yours and their. It is conceivable for staff to double their turnover in a matter of months.

PROTECTING THE PROFIT LINE – My Salon allows you to capture costs and compare them to turnover on a daily basis. There is absolutely no reason why salons shouldn’t make a profit, it all comes down to having the right mechanism in place. By entering your expected costs for the month, the system will show you at which stage of the month you reach your break-even point. Thereafter you are working for profit.

CONTROL MEANS – no more month left over at the end of the month! QED A successful business.

CONTACT US – if you would like any further information on the amazing MY SALON SOFTWARE.

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