As we go into the final two months of the year it might be best not to reflect too much on the kind of year we have had in 2021. Rather focus on ways to make the November to January ‘season’ as lucrative as possible — and expect that trend to continue into 2022.

Before I start with some tips and Ideas to optimise your turnover it is good to bear in mind the following:

  1. There will always be a need for hairdressing and beauty services. Looking and feeling good about oneself is the best way to handle stress while dealing with day to day issues.
  2. With people spending less money on travel and entertainment they have more money to spend on themselves.
  3. Hair and beauty are services that require personal and individual expertise and will therefore never be available on-line.

Get into the spirit of the season by accessorising your salon with festive displays. All the laws of the universe show that like-energy attracts like-energy so, if your salon generates good business energy then it will attract more business.

There are only so many days left between now and the time clients will be going away and before Christmas festivities begin so schedule appointments for your top clients. In this sense you need to proactively sell/reserve appointments for your most important people to make sure they are not disappointed.  Coastal salons pray for holiday-makers to arrive still needing chemical appointments because they didn’t have time to get them done before going on holiday.

Plan your staffing levels to make sure staff are not taking leave over the busy season. Double check your stock levels to ensure you don’t run out of stock of popular items and buy in gift packs selectively. Try not to over-stock because the longer it takes you to use up that stock the less profit you make on it.

Promote gift giving ideas to your clients. This doesn’t just have to be a retail product — gift vouchers and make-overs are under-rated as gifting ideas in hair salons compared to beauty  and are always appreciated by the receiver.

An added-value promotion that helps kick-start the new year is to offer free or discounted treatments to clients when they either buy retail  (up-sell them to 2 or 3 products) or when they have chemical services done, by offering a free treatment in January, when their hair is probably going to need it, especially if they have just returned from a beach holiday.

Get ready to make 2022 the best year ever!