For many years successful businesses have copied one of nature’s best features – the ability to re-invent itself.

In fact life is all about reinvention. Whether it is the seasonal change from winter into spring when the ‘dormancy’ of winter is replaced by the ‘new life’ of spring.

Or the natural healing process of cellular regeneration e.g. growing hair or new skin cell replacement accelerated by exfoliation or the miracle of healing from damage caused to virtually any part of your body, cuts, bruises, operations, etc. Your body is genetically wired to repair itself by reinvention.

Philosophically speaking we should start each day by remembering to be grateful that you did, and then starting the day with a new ‘canvas’, only bringing over positive issues from the previous day. If an artist doesn’t like his picture from yesterday, he doesn’t spend hours trying to fix it up, he starts a new one. Business is no different. Every day should be a new ‘canvas’ on which you create the picture of your business with every choice and decision you make. 

Here are a few ideas to help you to use re-invention in  your business in small but effective ways.

New-Year’s Resolution – this is the traditional way to start a new years with better lifestyle habits by getting rid of the bad ones. This could also include re-committing the vision, mission statement and values you want for your business.

Consultation versus Assessment – we all know how important it is to maintain the relationship with our clients through on-going consultation, but why not, once a year, do a complete assessment of your client as if they were a first-time-client. Not only can you update all her personal details you might discover additional arrears of needs and desires.

Monthly Promotions – use each month to promote a service related to that month of the year. This can be around events such as Valentines, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day etc but can also include product recommendations around seasonal changes such as summer into winter, colour fade, aging skin, etc. In this way you will re-create interest in all your business offerings.

Re-education – Re-educate your clients about how seasonal changes affect their hair and skin and that, as a hair or skin expert, you have the knowledge, experience and expertise to satisfy any problem, need or desire they may have.

Interior Décor – after a period of time your salon will start to look a little tired so by making small, inexpensive changes to your salon’s décor will have a psychologically uplifting effect on both staff and clients. Making small cosmetic changes add value to the clients’ salon experience. Any changes are normally good for morale.

Salon Revamp – there is a very good reason why major shopping centres around the world make it a condition of your lease to revamp your business every three to five years.

The reason is that you need to remain relevant.  New business is not attracted to old, tired looking shops and keeping your salon looking cosmetically appealing is a major part of the reason clients return and staff stay employed. Any changes whether small or big keep your client visits interesting  and if those changes include promotion then it will keep them shopping.

Operational Audit – after a number of years in business you might find yourself running out of ideas on how to revive your business. This is  when you get someone to come into your salon and conduct a one-two day operational audit of your business. This is not a financial audit but rather an audit of the dynamics that produce the turnover. This includes looks at everything the client sees – décor and hygiene, fixtures and fittings, the quality and frequency of promotional activity, staff performance, quality of refreshments, even the type of music you play in the salon. The end result is an action plan that will help you to relaunch your business with a plan.

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