Our WORK SMARTER training programme is based on years of experience in the Hair & Beauty industry. Success is not just about doing the right things but also about doing things right. If you think that training is expensive, consider the cost of ignorance.

Specifically targeted at career stylists this seminar shows Stylists how they can double their turnover.

  • How to create your own success culture 
  • You are the way people see you. How do you see yourself? 
  • How to get to know clients more professionally 
  • How to market your expertise 
  • The role of promotion 
  • Effective and achievable target setting 
  • How to double your turnover 

Explores numerous management styles, target setting, performance reviews and disciplinary procedures.

  • Recruitment and Selection – Start right!, Stay right! 
  • Skills training and development – covers the 3 major Skills areas 
  • The importance of a Success Culture 
  • Motivation – What! Why! How! 
  • How to set achievable Goals and Targets 
  • How to conduct effective Performance Reviews 
  • Disciplinary action to produce a positive result 

Where does the money go, how can you keep costs in line with turnover, how to protect the profit line 

  • Where exactly does the money go 
  • Staff and Sales Planning – fail to plan, plan to fail 
  • Understanding Turnover, Cash Flow and Profit 
  • Working with Targets and Budgets 
  • How to make Payroll a variable expense 
  • Intelligent Stock Control 
  • Manage Expenses, protect to Profit Line 

Planning, executing and analysing promotions, promotional and marketing ideas that work.

  • The importance of Planning 
  • Understanding promotional objectives—What, Why, How 
  • The difference between Discount and Added Value
  • Everything is negotiable 
  • Everybody loves a story 
  • Promotional ideas that work 
  • Monitoring promotions

Shows front-desk managers how to improve efficiency and effectiveness, shows ways to improve salon co-ordination, time management and client service.

  • The importance of a Success Culture 
  • Understanding Efficiency and Effectiveness 
  • Reception, Front Desk Management, Salon Co-ordinator 
  • Managing and Selling Time 
  • Telephone Techniques 
  • Communication 
  • Customer Service — internal and external 

Success culture, salon etiquette, client service, exceeding expectations 

  • The importance of a Success Culture 
  • Communication skills 
  • Understanding the Hair Industry 
  • Understanding the role of the Operator 
  • Non-Verbal communication, body language 
  • Disciplinary procedures — What, Why, How 
  • Grievances and disputes 

Learn the basics of using computers: Windows, Excel, Word, Emails, Internet 

  • The importance of Technology 
  • Effective and immediate Communication 
  • Work smarter as well as harder 
  • Understanding Windows 
  • Understanding Excel and Word 
  • Getting you Emails under control 
  • Become Internet Savvy